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How to Choose a Sod Installation Service

Sod is a great way to quickly turn a yard into a green lawn. It’s much quicker than growing grass from seeds, and it’s easy to maintain.

It can help prevent erosion and provide a variety of other benefits to your landscape. In addition, sod has a lower environmental impact than other types of turf.

How to Choose a Sod Company
A good sod installation company should have a proven track record of quality and service. They should also be able to offer a satisfaction guarantee. These terms should be agreed upon and outlined at the front end of the job, before any work begins.

Sod Costs
The price of sod will depend on the type of sod, the size of your yard and the amount of labor required to install it. The price is also affected by the terrain of your yard and any existing landscaping features such as trees, shrubs or bushes.

Some sod companies offer additional services such as ground preparation and a sprinkler system. These services may raise the total cost of your sod project.

Other sod companies will also add a delivery fee to your total. This can be anywhere from $63 to $233 on average, depending on the supplier and your geographic location.

Your local sod supplier will likely only stock sod that’s suitable for your region’s climate and soil. They’ll also charge a higher rate for sod varieties that aren’t native to your region.

Sod Installation Procedure
When it comes to sod installation, many companies follow a systematic process that includes killing existing weeds and turf and then preparing the ground for installation. This means that they remove all debris and re-grade the area if necessary.

Before installing sod, the company should also check the soil to ensure that it is in good condition and has the right pH level. Soil that’s too acidic can make it difficult for sod to root and establish itself.

It should also be free of any sand or clay particles that can damage the sod. A soil test is also essential to determine the right pH and nutrients.

Once the soil is ready for sod, it should be lightly raked and then compacted to an even surface. This is to make sure that the sod is firmly anchored to the ground and will not be shifted once it is installed.

Watering After Sod Installation
Once your sod is in place, it’s important to water it daily for the first week to encourage it to thrive. You can use a garden sprayer, a hand watering device or a sprinkler system to do this, but be sure to keep the sod from drying out too fast.

A professional sod installer will have a watering schedule that’s designed for your specific climate and soil type, as well as other tips on how to care for it. For example, they may recommend watering twice a day for the first two weeks and then every other day until it’s established.

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